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We deliver the best solutions.

In addition to our exclusive selection of premium brands, we offer the right services for your product needs across all industries. With innovative solutions, we are able to meet every customer requirement. Whether project-related or recurring business, with our services you are always well positioned.

Market analysis

Due to our advanced AI-based analytics, we can identify and forecast market trends and price developments of certain products.

This helps you to place your product at the right time, in the right place and at the right price. Together with you, we design innovative go-to-market strategies and create solid growth and continuous development for your company and product.


Benefit from our wide network of leading A-brands worldwide and our large selection of bestseller products. Based on years of experience and good contacts, we offer you the best purchasing conditions, attractive prices and consistent availability. Thanks to our offers, we can increase your sales and connect you with the world’s leading suppliers and distributors.


Nowadays, loyalty programs and reward stores are essential and effective ways of retaining employees, customers and suppliers in the long term and promoting commitment and dedication. Our broad product portfolio, consisting of a wide variety of top brands from the gaming, household or IT sectors, will help you to achieve your desired goals.


With transparent strategies and targeted measures, we help you to reduce your excess inventory quickly and discreetly. Ambitious and ambitious, we find the right way to quickly release cash or solve logistical problems without causing market irritations.

We act far-sightedly and dynamically and do not turn your short-term challenges into protracted problems.

We would love to work with you

Let’s work together and make a difference with our cross-disciplinary approach.

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